Autism Services:

Our primary mission is to improve the education, communication, and social abilities of children with autism so that they may join their typically developing peers in community environments and classrooms. Using scientifically proven treatments like Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI), and Verbal Behaviour (VB), we have been able to maximize the potential of many children with Autism.

Currrently, we provide these and other related educational and behavioural interventions for children with Autism in the Kitchener, Waterloo and Stratford as well as Parry Sound and Surrounding areas.

Behaviour Services:

An important step in reducing challenging behaviours is to first determine the function of the behaviour and then design an appropriate intervention strategy that is specifically addressing the communicative aspect of the behaviour. We provide school, home, daycare, and community observations and work with the familiies to determine the function of the behaviour. We then design an intervention plan that can be carried out in the child's natural environment. We provide intervention tools, consultation, and coaching for all members of the child's team.

We provide Behaviour Services for children with autism, children with other dissabilities, and even for "typical" children displaying challenging behaviours. 

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